We have been strong supporters of NASP  for several years. We work with any of the schools that want or need our help by repairing bows and arrows.We keep every standard color of the Genesis bows in stock in right and left hand models.

   Red, Orange, Black, Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow (standard colors)            $149.99

    Pink, Carbon and Camo                                                                                                                $169.99

     Custom Bows                                                                                                                            $185.00

    Plano Genesis hard bow cases                                                                                              $69.99
 Genesis soft bow case                                                                                                               $30.00


    Bonnie custom builds all our arrows. We keep lots of arrows in stock  but if you give us a few days notice we could build your arrows  with your color choice of vanes. Genesis arrows $5.00 each.

    Finger Savers installed  (all colors)                                                                                                   $9.99

    Rests (NASP replacement rest)                                                                                                      $11.99

    Cable Slide                                                                                                                                              $5.99

   Arm Guards sleeves (black, red, blue, pink, green, orange, & camo)                       $13.99

     Shooting Gloves                                                                                                                                   $10.99


​Schools & Coaches call for quantity prices  Ph. 502 549-8119

​We are on the Kentucky vendor list.


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​For your convenience we offer our services and NASP products at your location! Call for an appointment!